Did you know that you can use the magic of ‘Feng Shui’ in your space to create a happier environment and to experience more harmonious relationships? It can be especially helpful for people who may be described as highly sensitive, as the energy will be able to ‘flow’ more easily.

The ancient practice of Feng Shui demonstrates how your surroundings have a direct effect on your energy and life experiences. Each area of your home and working environment connects to an area of your life. By making simple changes, it is possible to free the energy or ‘Chi’, and enable it to flow, thus clearing blocks and areas in your life where you may feel stuck.

I frequently work with clients to support them with any changes they are experiencing, and often support families where there is a high degree of sensitivity, especially with children, young people, and animals.

Create a space for relaxation and balance

As our lives become busier and often more stressful, it is more important than ever to enjoy a space within our home that promotes relaxation and calm – our own personal sanctuary, where we can feel safe, and we can receive the personal nourishment that we need. Using Feng Shui and Biophilic Design, you can incorporate the elements from nature to create a space that supports the health and wellbeing of inhabitants.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a term used in the building industry which incorporates the use of natural materials, plants, light, and colours to create warm, welcoming environments which people can thrive in. It focuses on our connection to nature and how important that is. As humans we are physically drawn to these environments (and have been for years in order to survive). Especially in this time when we live in such fast paced and busy environments, it is hardly surprising that we are seeing a developing trend for open living environments, filled with light, and plant life.

Here are a few simple tips for creating greater harmony in your home and supporting the relationships in your family …

  • The entrance to your home is known as the ‘mouth of chi’ and is where the main energy enters. Ensure this area feels light, clear, and welcoming, and is easy to enter. It is not a great place for piles of shoes, coats, and bags, and all manner of things.
  • Clear clutter – clutter can appear in many forms and can create a feeling of stuckness on many levels. What we hold onto from the past can really hold us back in many ways until we reach a point where we can let it go.
  • Energetically clear the space as regularly as you can to keep the energy flowing. Open windows and doors, use smudge sticks to cleanse, and allow the energy to flow freely.
  • Having ‘command position’ in certain areas of the home helps people to feel safer.  This means having a clear view in ‘front of you’ of the door coming into the room. Make sure that where you sit, where you work at a desk, where you cook, and where you sleep have this command position.
  • Try to bring healthy plants and more natural materials into the home to maintain your connection with nature. Plants are great friends when it comes to absorbing toxins from the environment.
  • Take a look at photographs and artwork on the walls, they should reflect happy memories and feel positive and uplifting.
  • Reduce EMFs and radiation by switching off TVs, phones and Wi-Fi whenever they are not in use. Don’t charge devices near the bed. Unplug wherever you can.
  • Create a peaceful sanctuary to sleep in. That means no TVs or devices.

Gabrielle Anya Rafello