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As a highly sensitive person myself, I am committed to creating environments where sensitive people thrive. I work with a variety of healing and energy balancing modalities to support individuals and groups, and have practised in a variety of settings, including homes, classrooms and workspaces for the last 18 years.

With a strong desire to help sensitive children and teens, and those on the autism spectrum, my work as a healer and teacher has been deeply rich and fulfilling. I have supported clients and students of all ages, and from many different backgrounds.

In 2011 I established and ran the Koorana Centre in Sussex. It was a beautiful and high vibrational community space that provided workshops, classes, therapy treatments, and public events. During the 11 years it was open I organised numerous vitality days, wellbeing markets, corporate wellbeing experiences, and self development programmes for its growing community of members.

I also offered my services as a therapist, with tools including Reiki, colour therapy, Pellowah, crystal therapy, Quantum Psionics, animal healing, Feng Shui, and Energy Harmonisation (vibrational medicine through pendulum dowsing) which I began to develop and teach in 2019. I am creative by nature and bring my love of art into everything I do.

To find out more about my work you are welcome to contact me through [email protected].

I have also included articles that you may like to read on my blog page. 

Gabrielle Anya Rafello, Koorana Wellbeing